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 Time for a little tribute: Gotthard

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Doctor Ruin
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PostSubject: Time for a little tribute: Gotthard   6th October 2010, 8:23 pm

I was really surprised to read that today Steve Lee, singer of Gotthard, passed away in an accident. He was only 47 years old... Sad
Saw Gotthard live at Metalway Festival in Spain, by that time I only know three of their songs and I knew nothing about how they looked like. I loved the show, they were all really funny and I remember ending up with a *huge* crush on Steve Lee and his smile. Never met him, but seems he was a really nice guy. From what I could see on stage, seemed he really loved his work and his fans.

So, reading of him passing away today made me really upset. So many great rockers leaving us in these last years... and most of them still at a very young age Sad
Thought about opening this thread for a little "Gotthard Tribute concert". Right now, I'm blasting the only Gotthard album I have, Lipservice... sharing part of it here, too!

1. All We Are
2. Dream On
3. Lift U Up
4. Everything I Want
5. Cupid's Arrow
6. I Wonder

Rest in peace... Sad
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PostSubject: Re: Time for a little tribute: Gotthard   6th October 2010, 9:55 pm

wow,i just read about Steve passing away Sad that really sucks,i feel so sorry for him Neutral
hey,what's with the metalheads passing away so early these days?
may he rest in peace Sad

as for Gotthard,to be honest i never listened to their stuff that much(let's say they were in my infamous "one day i'm gonna blast 'em out" list )..i remember one of my friends used to listen to them and sent a few songs to me but i can't remember those times very well can't remember some of the things before my "genesis"

listening to them as i'm trying to find out what "Analytical Chemistry" means
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PostSubject: Re: Time for a little tribute: Gotthard   6th October 2010, 10:37 pm

I understand and seize the natural death for myself but accidental ones just make me sick No I feel he passed away for free, I'm really saddened.. Crying or Very sad

R.I.P. Steve, may you smile all along the road Crying or Very sad

Nothing to say really.. Let's just listen for a while.
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PostSubject: Re: Time for a little tribute: Gotthard   

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Time for a little tribute: Gotthard
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