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 A Brand New "The Sims 2" Era

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PostSubject: A Brand New "The Sims 2" Era   20th September 2010, 8:24 pm

Okay here is the story; I'm a big pc game fan. I got addicted to too many different games so far, the most remarkable ones are 'The Bard's Tale' (..ahem.. ), 'The Heretic 2' and obviously, all versions of 'The Sims'.

Moreover, I unfortunately got my brother in pc games too, now I have to deal with him instead of enjoying a game properly. That's what happened two days ago.

Since 'The Sims 3' is out, we uninstalled all the other versions of the game, installed the latest version and started to explore the it. Then my brother decided that 'he has missed all of the extensions and features of The Sims 2' and wanted me to install it once again instead of The Sims 3. So far so good.

I did it today. I have to admit that I hate almost all of the hairstyles that's default in the game, so I always use hairstyles that people in the official game forums created. And some other meshes and mods too. Again, so good thus far.

I was searching for a couple of new mods and meshes that's came out since I quit playing it, well I've found some reeaaally interesting ones!

I never knew they existed before, even though I'm an experienced user Here they are.

Now do you think there is a way of uploading those kinds of meshes and make brother not to notice them? I dont think so, darnit
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Doctor Ruin
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PostSubject: Re: A Brand New "The Sims 2" Era   26th September 2010, 6:20 pm

*Huge fan of The Sims here, too!* Very Happy

Sexy Sims 2 was a blessing and a curse at the same time, lol. It was after finding this thing on that site that I decided to give my try at modifying stuff myself to make Blackie Lawless' assless pants. Been going crazy on a TS2 Blackie Lawless sim for over a year, as well as 80s rockers in TS3, lol.
(Here's the infamous Blackie outfit I made and here's a not-so-recent and absolutely-non-definitive version of the sim Laughing )[/end shameless self-promotion]

Never downloaded any of the sexy mods yet, though! Shocked
Even if I was thinking about installing them lately
Unfortunately, I think there's no way to make your brother not notice those mods Sad the objects will appear among furniture stuff, clothes will appear among normal clothes and the new interactions will just show up directly on the sims, as well as stuff like penis and bigger boobs Suspect unless someone made a mod to hide particular objects when a certain user is playing the game, but I don't think there's anything like that D:

Buuuuut... a sort of solution -at least for stuff that involves interactions- could be installing poseboxes, instead? Most of them don't offer animations, though, just the still pose... but you could put them in game and they would appear just as boxes, in most cases with pose names in English, and sometimes will be totally non-descriptive names like "pose 1" and "pose 2" Laughing
For someone who doesn't really know the cheat and codes to place sims and move 'em around to make them fit the right positions, most of the poses coming out of the 'sexy' boxes wouldn't make much sense and you could be safe Very Happy

Some poseboxes:
-Here and here for couples, not even that much explicit. Another one by the same author is here Very Happy
-And here's a looooooooooong list of other poseboxes. Haven't checked them all, but I'm pretty sure there are some other ones for sexy poses.
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PostSubject: Re: A Brand New "The Sims 2" Era   3rd October 2010, 12:09 am

Ahh your works are great Doc! Laughing Well I used to do those kinds of stuff when I was younger, but I have no interest in doing so anymore unfortunately... Sometimes I miss the game so much and give a try but it lasts just fifteen minutes

As for the adult modes for the game.. Umm, my brother is not staying here with me with a sudden change, and I came across in that sexy sims 2 forum that someone gave a directory named all-paysites-must-die or something like that, and you can find everything that's on the paysites such as pandorasims, and they're actually great big grin But... I'm not sure if I have any interest on those either, so I won't bother

Still, I don't know when the game crisis of mine will strike, so maybe later I'd try those

EDIT: Here I've found the directroy by the way, in case you'd want to check out:
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PostSubject: Re: A Brand New "The Sims 2" Era   

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A Brand New "The Sims 2" Era
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